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GSM Alarms > Security alarm system sends warnings and alerts text mobile phone.

Standalone reporting alarm features:


Security Alarm that connects with Mobile Phone

Most people in the modern world rely on their mobile phone to keep them in touch with the important happening in their work and family life. So it is no surprise that the mobile phone is a vital tool in keep home or business premises protected from the possibility of being targeted by a burglar or intruder.

While in years gone by, home and business owners may have been content to simply fit a security alarm that would cause bells to ring or sirens to sound in the event of a security breach, the changing face of modern society means that this may no longer be enough to deter a criminal or prompt bystanders to act in the event of a break in. The best way in which to protect a property in modern times is to use a combination of traditional alarm mobile phone technology. A security alarm mobile phone technology combination such as a GSM remote alarm system, offers property owners an opportunity to monitor the security on site from any remote location at the touch of a button.

GSM alarm systems incorporate all the traditional elements of a burglar alarm system, meaning that the alarm base will be aware if anyone attempts to enter the property without permission. However, remote alarm systems use mobile phone technology to ensure that any breached of security are quickly notified to the property owners, authorities or chosen monitoring service. The alarm mobile phone technology combination is a powerful weapon against would-be burglars. While in the current climate many are not put off by the sounding of an alarm, knowing that society had begun to ignore these signals as simple nuisance an noise pollution, a remote GSM alarm system removes the element of human error or apathy in the event of a break in, sending an alert using a mobile phone signal and raising the alarm about unauthorised persons on the property. 

Burglar alarm mobile phone systems are also not susceptible to tampering in the same way that monitored systems using a landline might be. A landline can be cut, but burglars will find it hard to disable a system that connects to a mobile phone network in a wireless fashion via an antenna. And the security alarm mobile phone combination of a GSM remote system is even able to be used in areas of poor reception with the simple addition of a mobile phone signal booster antenna.

The easily installed mobile phone signal booster antenna helps to combat the problem of poor reception that can plague mobile phones in remote areas ensuring that messages can be sent to whoever is responsible for monitoring the site security. For any security conscious home or business owner, the use of security alarm/mobile phone technology in combination offers a superior security service, while extras such as a mobile phone signal booster antenna can offer additional peace of mind. 

No power required. Monitor any location instantly.
Alarm messages to 2 phone numbers SMS and phone call.
Silent or alarm sound and silent or entry delay sound
Entry delay time. Test with an adjustable interval
Sensor test to with adjustable sensitivity.
Function to measure signal strength. Low battery alert
Settings by SMS. Optional Temperature alerts
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Security Alarm that connects with Mobile Phone

Mobeye Portable GSM Alarm 234.98 Inc VAT

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Product Contents:

(1) Portable mains power free GSM alarm

(4) 3Volt lithium batteries. Giving 1 Year Plus life
Instruction / User manual
Window warning sticker
No SIM card supplied. Works with any network.
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Security burglar alarm systems for homes and house that connect to mobile phone.