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GSM Alarms > Farm alarm for outbuildings, protecting stored machinery security and remote rural security protection.

Standalone reporting alarm features:


Farm alarm for barns, stables, storerooms and rural security

Crime is not limited to the inner cities and urban areas, despite what television news coverage might lead you to believe. Anyone living in a rural area will know that with isolation comes vulnerability. Buildings in less populated areas can be targeted by burglars and intruders as they are less likely to be witnessed in the event of crime. 

This can pose a problem for those in the agriculture industry, as costly supplies and expensive equipment often need to be left unattended on site. For this reason it is a great idea for agricultural bosses to invest in some kind of farm alarm. A GSM alarm system makes a great farm alarm as its features can cater to the particular needs of agricultural buildings as well as allowing for the vigorous demands on a farm worker’s time.

The GSM alarm offers a number of options for monitoring on-site security, from motion sensors to entry detectors and even surveillance technology such as CCTV. And with a connection to a mobile phone network via the GSM farm alarm base unit antenna, this security system offers unrivalled opportunities for remote monitoring – meaning that farm workers can keep up to date with the security status of unattended areas while going about their daily tasks.

This is because the GSM farm alarm collates all data from the alarm components in order to detect possible security breaches, and in the event of a possible break-in, it connects to the mobile phone network to send an instant message to the farm owner or to whoever has been designated as responsible for the remote monitoring of the site. The GSM technology allows the farm alarm to send out alerts in a wireless fashion, meaning that even areas that are not served by a landline telephone connection can be covered by 24 hour remote monitoring technology.

And the GSM system farm alarm can even be installed in remote rural areas that suffer from the problems of poor reception and weak mobile phone signals – all that is needed is the addition of a mobile phone signal booster antenna to strengthen the connection to the mobile phone network. Farming is a time consuming occupation and a GSM technology farm alarm can offer agricultural workers an easy-to-use security solution that allows for close monitoring of unattended buildings and sites, without taking valuable man hours out of the day.

The GSM farm alarm can be adapted to all sorts of agricultural applications, from residential and office buildings to storage areas, barns and containers – and wireless installation can be fitted quickly, easily and efficiently to ensure maximum peace of mind.

No power required. Monitor any location instantly.
Alarm messages to 2 phone numbers SMS and phone call.
Silent or alarm sound and silent or entry delay sound
Entry delay time. Test with an adjustable interval
Sensor test to with adjustable sensitivity.
Function to measure signal strength. Low battery alert
Settings by SMS. Optional Temperature alerts
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Portable GSM Alarm / Standalone GSM PIR monitoring alarm

Mobeye Portable GSM Alarm 234.98 Inc VAT

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Product Contents:

(1) Portable mains power free GSM alarm

(4) 3Volt lithium batteries. Giving 1 Year Plus life
Instruction / User manual
Window warning sticker
No SIM card supplied. Works with any network.
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