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  Security SIM - For When It Matters.

Choosing a SIM Card for a GSM alarm, GSM Dialler or any GSM enabled device is not easy.

These Security SIM cards always use the network with the strongest signal in your area.

Will work in any area of the UK or EU.

Never down! If a network is down the SIM will use the strongest working mobile network.

No contract or monthly top ups required.

Your number will never expire.

Credit does not expire. Only pay for usage.

Low credit warning to keep you protected.

Includes minus 1.00 of emergency credit. Keeping you protected until you top up.

 Total Security SIM Card 29.98 Inc VAT

Further Information:
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Product Contents: Usage Charges
1 (One) Security SIM Card - Includes 10 of Credit. SMS to UK & EU 0.12 Including VAT
  UK & EU Voice calls: 0.23  Including VAT
  0.99p per month fee to keep number live