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Void Property Alarm



GSM Void & Vacant Property Alarm

Any landlord knows that an empty property can easily become a target for burglars and other intruders. Empty residential homes can attract vandals and squatters, while industrial premises left unused have been targeted for all kinds of criminal reasons, from interior stripping to illegal raves.

For this reason it is important that anyone responsible for an empty property invests in a void property alarm.Void property alarm is a burglar alarm that’s designed to keep watch over empty premises, and by opting for a GSM void property alarm system, landlords and bosses can ensure that they are quickly alerted in the event of an onsite security breach - wherever they are.

The Vacant property alarm will use all the necessary components of a traditional security system such as entry sensors, motion detectors, and surveillance technology like CCTV cameras, to allow constant assessment of the security status of the property. The security components can be easily fitted, especially with wireless technology which removes the need for wires or cabling and means that they are easily removed if the property is sold or the security requirements change. The GSM void property alarm system offers a high level of versatility allowing them to be tailored to suit the particular needs of any void property.

Empty Vacant properties of any size or purpose can benefit from the installation of a GSM void property alarm, while home and business owners will find that the GSM system allows them to keep a close eye on unused premises without the need for constant attendance. Alarms can be relied upon by the person responsible for the remote monitoring of the system and security data can even be accessed online.

Wireless GSM Alarm for void property

Once the devices have been installed they are connected to a control unit, which collates the data collected by each of them to form an overview of the security situation on site. In the event of a possible security breach the control unit will use mobile phone technology to send an alert to whoever is responsible for the remote monitoring of the property in question – be it the owner, authorities or a professional remote monitoring service. The GSM void property alarm can also be adapted to the needs of premises in areas that are affected by poor reception and a weak mobile phone signal with the simple addition of a mobile phone signal booster antenna at the site, which will ensure the control unit always has the best chance of connecting to the mobile phone network in the event of a security breach.

Range of GSM Void and Vacant Property Alarm Systems that will alert your mobile phone when a intruder or burglars triggers the detector.