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Wireless GSM Alarms



Wireless GSM Alarms

All business and home owners know the importance of installing a security system in premises that are likely to be left unattended at any point.

Without an alarm, a property can become vulnerable to being targeted by burglars or intruders, resulting in loss or damage to property. And while a traditional burglar alarm or security system, which raises the alarm by sounding a bell or siren, might be fine when the premises are closely attended to – a property that needs monitoring remotely will benefit more from the installation of a wireless GSM alarm.

The wireless GSM alarm system offers all the components of the traditional burglar alarm – such as motion sensors, entry detectors,  and surveillance technology, with the additional benefit that all data collated on the empty premises can be remote monitored by the property owner or by a designated third party remote monitoring service.

The wireless GSM alarm uses mobile phone technology to keep empty premises in touch with the outside world. Once security components are fitted in premises they are connected to a base unit via a wireless network and antenna.The wireless GSM alarm base unit then monitors the data from the on site components and, in the event of a security breach, connects to a mobile phone network in order to send an alert to the person responsible for the remote monitoring of the system.

With a wireless GSM alarm system property owners can rest assured that they will always be kept up to date with the security status of their property.

And the wireless GSM alarm technology will also put an end to inconvenient call outs for key holders as the connection to a mobile phone network also allows for functions such as ‘reset’ following a false security alarm to be carried out remotely with no need for onsite attendance.

Wireless GSM Alarms

A wireless GSM alarm system can even be effective in remote areas that traditionally suffer from poor reception – all that is needed is a mobile phone signal booster antenna to ensure the control unit always has the best possible chance of connecting to a mobile phone network.Wireless GSM alarms can be installed in any home or business property with the minimum of disruption as the wireless set-up removes the need for complicated cabling.

The wireless set up also makes this type of GSM alarm a versatile security choice which can be used in areas that a traditional burglar alarm might not be suited to – garages, boats, lock ups and even containers can have a Wireless GSM alarm temporarily or permanently fitted to meet the security needs of the owner. Customers can call and email us for advice on how to choose the best Wireless GSM Alarms for your house and home with advice on burglar and intruder detectors